Monday, August 20, 2012

Carlow weekend

Hi all,
Ellie had a visit to the hospital this morning. Bloods are good, dressings changed and no more hospital visits till next Monday.

Ellie took a small break to County Carlow at the weekend. We all had a great time, Aaron and dad done some go karting and we all played bowling.

Ellie spent some time in the swimming pool but only up to her hips.......cant get Freddie wet.
Ellie really misses being able to jump and splash in the pool. When Freddie is finally taken out next year maybe we will have a big pool party to celebrate.

I'd just like to give a short mention to Abbies Army,
This is a charity set up by the proud parents of a beautiful princess named Abbie.
Brave Abbie lost her battle against a rare, incurable and inoperable Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) in September 2011.
Abbies partents set up this trust in honour of their daughter, please take a few moments to view the website.

Here are some photos from Carlow, one of Ellie looking very cool and another one of Ellie and dad waiting for the bowling ball to strike the pins. 
I'd say that one was a strike, what do you think Ellie???

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chemo week

Hi everybody.
Two visits to hospital this week, bloods and dressings on Monday the Chemo on Tuesday.

Tuesday was a very long day in the hospital. Ellie took a bit of a turn from the anti sickness medicine she got in Our Ladies.
She is doing a bit better now but is still a little out of sorts.
Three or so weeks till her first MRI since Chemo began, hopefully the results will be positive.

Tuesday was one of the more somber days in Our Ladies Hospital, lots of very sick children in the ward that day. More than usual I thought and there was no Clown Doctors or Magicians walking the ward to make us smile. Hopefully they will be back to brighten every bodies day as soon as possible.

Ellies birthday next month and she has asked for a bicycle as she finally learnt how to cycle a bike without stabilisers. Mam and dad will be bringing Ellie out to choose the right bike soon and something tells me its probably going to be pink in colour.

Once again thank you to everybody for the lovely cards and letters, and also for your continued support throughout this journey.

Talk next week.


Friday, August 3, 2012


Hi all,
Ellie just had bloods and dressing change this week so nothing out of the ordinary to report this week.

Ellie is in good spirits but seems to be getting very tired these evenings. She's been first to bed a lot this week which is not like her.

The hospital have put in place a new schedule for our weekly treatments which will see us having to spend extra time in the hospital.

Ellies hair is beginning to grow back on top ever so slightly.
Here is a photo of Ellie sitting on a very unusual looking bench in Donacomper Cemetery in Celbridge.
Ellie and daddy often go there to pay our respects.