Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SOS to Amber and Brooke

Ellie has received a number of get well cards from Amber and Brooke.

We don't know Amber or Brooke and unfortunately they don't put in a home address.
We would like to send Amber and Brooke a little thank you card so if you are reading Ellies blog please put your address with the next card and we will reply. 

Chemo May 15th

Ellie had her eight week of chemo yesterday(on her mammys birthday)
Don't ask how old mammy is please!!!!!!!! :)
Lets just say that next year is the big one!!!

Ellies bloods were good thankfully and all went well in Our Ladys.
Ellies weight is a problem but we are hoping this will improve when she gets a short break from chemo in a few weeks time.

The Clown Doctors paid the ward a visit and brought a smile to everyone's face.
Heres to a healthy and uneventful week.

We would like to thank everyone that has sent cards to Ellie recently.
She even got a card from The Des Moines Oak Leaf Hockey Team (yes ice hockey)
Thank you to all the school children that have taken the time to make their own cards for Ellie, and to the teachers for giving their time. 

Ellie even got a personal card from Jedward this week.

A big thank you to Gaynor for the Jedward tshirt and Colleen Curnuck for the fabulous dress up book.

Thank you to everybody for your support and kind words.
It makes our journey so much easier.

Holy Communion

Hi all,
Ellie made her communion last weekend with her school friends.
This was really Ellies second communion as she made it in March before chemo started.
We had a wonderful day but was very tired by the end of the day.

We had tea and cakes in the school hall after mass followed by dinner in Greenes restaurant on the Main Street in Celbridge.

We also called to friends that were celebrating their daughters communion too. 

Below is a picture of Ellie with her best friends and Ellie with her school teacher.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi all,

Sorry I havent updated in a while but things have been a bit hectic.
Ellie had a double chemo on Tuesday and hasnt been great since.
She has had two tempature spikes since Tuesday so we've been to the hospital three days this week in total. Thankfully her tempature has come down a little and she has been allowed to go home. Ellies blood stats arent good either but as long as the tempature stays below 38 theres no need to go back into the hospital.

On a brighter note Ellies class are making their first holy communion this weekend.
We wish them all the best of luck and hopefully the weather will be kind for them.
Ellie hasn't been to school much these last few weeks but if alls well she is hoping to join the rest of her class in church for communion.

Sorry no photos to upload this week.
Will deffo have new pics to upload next week.

Take care and thank you for following Ellies blog.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Blood transfusion #1

Hi all, unfortunately Ellies bloods were low yesterday so she required a blood transfusion. 
Chemo was postponed until Tuesday of next week.

Ellie had been feeling pretty down these last few days but the transfusion has lifted her somewhat.
She is eating much better and hasn't sat down all day!!!

We've a bank holiday weekend this weekend and thankfully Ellie will be able to enjoy it. 

As the photos below show Ellie is still smiling and lifting our spirits.