Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hi all we went shopping today for some nice hairbands for the new hair do but ellie got very tired very quick. The appetite is still a big issue and im hoping it will get better. We dont want anymore weight loss this week!!!1 If anyone out there has any suggestions for foods to try while on chemo i would be grateful for your advice.



  1. Carbs..pasta etc but not too heavy a sauce: I loved melon and other small portions of fruit as they felt good. Small meals often and what ever she fancies.

  2. hi I'm eimears mam and when my son was going through chemo one thing he loved was homemade pancakes.... thin... and with lemon and sugar. He also loved tomato soup, ham, cheese and onion crisps... a mc donalds burger with 6 gherkins on it... he had to taste a gherkin in every bite.. a mish mash I know but really its just whatever they want.Small amounts and often is the trick i feel. I know it can be so frustrating and heart wrenching but just go with her and when she is on her good days during her chemo she can build up her weight. Good luck and i promise i will send a card soon.We live in celbridge. take care, laura Daly