Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi all,

Sorry I havent updated in a while but things have been a bit hectic.
Ellie had a double chemo on Tuesday and hasnt been great since.
She has had two tempature spikes since Tuesday so we've been to the hospital three days this week in total. Thankfully her tempature has come down a little and she has been allowed to go home. Ellies blood stats arent good either but as long as the tempature stays below 38 theres no need to go back into the hospital.

On a brighter note Ellies class are making their first holy communion this weekend.
We wish them all the best of luck and hopefully the weather will be kind for them.
Ellie hasn't been to school much these last few weeks but if alls well she is hoping to join the rest of her class in church for communion.

Sorry no photos to upload this week.
Will deffo have new pics to upload next week.

Take care and thank you for following Ellies blog.


  1. Sorry to hear your temperature is a bit wonky. I came to dread that blooming thermometre: I hope you make it to communion and have a lovely time. You are all doing so well: keep going!

  2. Well Miss Ellie; I have looked everywhere for a blooming Jedward get well card. There are none so I have ordered you a little something from the UK which I hope you will like. If it is too small give it to a teddy: if it is too big, make a nightdress out of it lol xxxxx I hope it flies to you quite quickly xxx Gale

    1. Hi Gale; gift received today thank you. Ellie loves and the colour is perrrfect :)