Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

Hi all, its December 7th and Ellie cannot wait for Christmas.
Still over two weeks to go but that Christmas feeling is in Crumlin Hospital and its lifting the sick childrens spirits. This weekend will be very busy for Ellie, on Saturday she is taking to the skies from Dublin airport along with dad and other children that attend Crumlin Hospital. I reckon the man in the big red suit will also be on the plane giving presents to the children. Should be great fun.

Then on Sunday she has the St. Johns Ward Christmas party, lots of celebs, pressies, fun and games.
This is with thanks to the wonderful staff on the ward. Not only do they work very hard while in the hospital looking after sick children, they give up their own time to prepare this event and ensure that every child in attendance enjoys the party this Sunday.

Chemo: Ellie is in the middle of chemo treatment at the moment but will have the Christmas and New Year Holidays free of chemotherapy. That certainly is good news and something to be thankful for.

We will post a few photos over the Christmas.

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