Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chemo 19/06/2012

Well, that three week chemo break flew in.
Ellie put on a little weight in the three weeks(Pub lunches, frys for breakfast and loads of treats), you can see from our previous post that we all went to County Clare for a few days. 

Chemo went well yesterday although we were in the hospital all day. The day ward was very busy and very understaffed for the quantity of sick children present.
Ellie is very tired and weak at the moment but hopefully in a few days she will begin to come around again.
Hopefully she will make it back to school for a few days before the summer holidays begin.

Ellies hair has gone very thin and she wears a hat at all times but it shouldn't get much worse than it is now and hopefully will get better in time.

Talk in a few days x x x


  1. As a grown woman, I have done chemo, two years ago now, Ellie is a brave girl, it's hard enough as an adult, send her my love and promise her it does get better and a normal life will return. Hugs being sent to a brave family xxxxx

  2. You still look absolutely gorgeous Ellie...with eyes as beautiful as yours no one will even notice. Unfortunatley I too have put on weight on my break...not such a good thing for me but I am so pleased you have had fun and felt better. Nearly there sweetie (and mum and family) xxxx