Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unexpected blood transfuion

Ellie went into Our Ladys yesterday as arranged to have bloods taken and a change of dressings.
Only two hours in hospital but as happened a few weeks ago she wasn't long home when the hospital rang requesting Ellie go back in for a blood transfusion. This was totally out of the blue as Ellie was in good spirits and was beginning to get her appetite back.

Blood transfusions are a common procedure when undergoing chemo.
We were uncomfortable early on with blood transfusions, and although we are not happy about it they are a necessity.

Blood transfusion went well and home for 9pm after a long day.

Talk soon

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  1. Sorry to hear about least it is over now. Enjoy your break and you are all doing well, you really are so make sure you all get to do some fun stuff in this much needed gap.