Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All going well

Ellie back in hospital yesterday, bloods are borderline and we need to keep a close eye on Ellies temperature. Ellie has a slight touch of a cold/flu so hopefully she can shake it off without having to go into hospital.

Hair is getting thinner but with the help of bandannas and some pretty cool hats Ellie is looking as beautiful as ever.

On another note Ellie went to Croke Park to see Dublin play Wexford with dad, brother Aaron and big sis Leah last weekend.
We all had a great day and the Dubs won.............again.

Here are some pics of Ellie and Leah doing Jedward jumps on way to the match.
Aaron is looking on pretty embarrassed in the background.

Talk soon.


  1. Never mind the hair pet...the less there is the quicker and easier it is to wash..showers take so much less time. If fact, though mine is growing back I am really, really tempted to cut it all off again. It is a real pain...and you so pretty no one would notice. loved the jedwards jumps!!!!

    1. Ah thanks for the comments we love reading them xxxxx

  2. Kisses for her.:)
    All the best.:)
    Bernadett from Serbia

  3. Thanks Bernadotte have a card here to post to you from ellie