Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So far so good

Hi all, before I start I'd like to apologies for the lack of an update last week.
Ellie was very unwell after chemo last week and had to go back into hospital. She spent the night on St. Johns Ward and 24 hours later she was much better thankfully.
On the upside Ellie got to see the magic show before she left the hospital, Ellie and the other children laughed so much their stomachs were sore.

To the staff on the ward and Mr. Magic a big thank you.
Laughter is a fantastic medicine.

Thankfully Ellie has just begun another short break so this week was just bloods and dressings, blood results were good.

We are looking forward to another three weeks chemo free and hopefully Ellie can put on a few pounds.

Thank you to everybody that has sent cards and well wishes. A special thank you to the ladies that made beautiful handmade cards.Below is a picture of just some of the hand made cards Ellie received.

We also got to see the Lorax 3D last weekend.
A great movie with plenty of laughs.


  1. Brilliant..enjoy the break. Am adding this to my blog so hopefully Ellie will get some more cards xx

  2. a little note for Ellie:-
    hello dear Ellie,its me cucki from south africa..
    i will soon post you a happy post card from south africa then you can see how my land looks like..
    you are in my prayers dear and i am thinking of you so much.
    sending you hugs deary..
    cucki xxx

  3. Thank you very much.:)
    Kisses to Ellie.:)
    All the best.


  4. Thank you all for your comments, Ellie says hiiiiiiiii

  5. Thinking of you Ellie, I see you got my Jedward card, I hope you liked it, Good luck back at school, the weather is perfect, the sunshine will do you good,
    lots of love Yvonne xx