Monday, September 10, 2012


Well we got a call from Our Ladys giving Ellie good results from the MRI she had last week.
Growth in the tumor has stalled and there may even be a very slight decrease in the size of it.
This is the best news we could have got, Ellie has gone through a lot these last few months and although this doesn't shorten the course of chemo. It means that we can plough into the next 12 months and a positive result is more likely after this MRI.

Ellie is back in the hospital for chemo tomorrow, she begins a twelve month period of three weeks of chemo followed by three weeks off and so on.

Thank you to everybody for their prayers and well wishes recently.

Here is a photo of Ellie in her school uniform with a little teddy bear.
The teddy bear was made by daddys friend Breege, thank you so much Breege.


  1. Yay!!! Good news Ellie , hope you enjoy school. X

  2. So happy for the good news! Hope Ellie is having fun being back to school :)