Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Ellie

Well after the good news of the positive results from Ellies MRI, what better way to celebrate than with a birthday. Ellie will be 9 years old on Monday the 17th of September.
We had a lot of Ellies friends over to help us celebrate on Saturday afternoon. We had lots of sweets, cake, pizza and hot dogs.
We organised Little Miss Party Nails for the girls, Jacqui and Elaine kept the girls entertained by doing lots of lovely nail art, tattoos and jewellery making.

Ellie started maintenance chemo last Tuesday September 11th, all went well and without any sickness.
Her chemo sessions will be three weeks on then three weeks break and so on till September 2013.

A big thank you to everybody that has sent get well cards, birthday cards and presents to Ellie recently.
They have lifted Ellies spirits and put a smile on her face.

Talk soon.


  1. Happy Birthday Ellie . Have a great day. My daughter is 8 in the 19th ,so we are celebrating next week too .XXX

  2. Happy birthday Ellie, I am so glad things are going so well xxxx

  3. ooo trying to get the hang of the new blogging format. Happy birthday Ellie: it looks like you have had an amazing day xx Great news about the MRI too xxxx

  4. Thank you all for the birthday wishes