Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ellie giving Chemo the oul 1 - 2

Hi all, very sorry for not keeping you posted these last few weeks.

Ellie is doing great and is currently on a three week chemo break. Three weeks of chemo begins next Tuesday but Ellie is in good form at the moment and is ready for it.

Ellie had a blood transfusion two weeks ago as her blood stats were very low. All is well now, and a huge thank you to all the men and women that take the time to give blood. It really does help sick children and adults, and in some cases it can save lives.

School is going well at the moment and Ellie is attending school most days (bar the week of the blood transfusion).

We just had a look at the calendar this week and noticed that all going well Ellie will be on a break from chemo during the Christmas and New Years holidays. She will still need to attend weekly but no chemo.
Happy days!!!!!

Will sign off for now, talk soon.
Here are some pics of Ellie recently.

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